Voortrekkers Kamp Fire

After a flare-up yesterday in the du toit kloof mountains in Paarl, the drakenstein farm watch assisted with a big team, trucks and trailers, high up in the mountains. Some farmer dwellings were saved and would have been taken by the intens fire if not for our groups effort.

At least 5 helicopters, a massive deployment of cape winelands fire brigade and our own farm-watch teams were succesfull. As we were nearly finished, we got a call regarding a wemershoek fire and more than 160 kids possibly trapped by flames. All teams rushed to wemershoek and took on the fire and our teams also took care of the evacuation of the childeren. The call for help with that, was positive and many responded, taken all to safety. Again, the drakenstein farm-watch, cape winelands fire and helicopters were succesfull and got the fires out.

Due to expected high winds and possible fire flair-ups,  we all thought it was too risky to return the childeren to the wooden chalets and they were taken elswhere. Great team-work and the radio network proved again it great potential. The biggest concern is the fact, that we are sure we are dealing ( also according the other commanders of cape winelands) with arsinest who deliberately set the fires on. We persue our route, to get the legality in place, to empower the farm-watch commanders in being able to write a fine for starting a fire, for whatever reason so whatso ever, and go after people who find themselves illigialy in the forrests.


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