Press Release

Yesterday afternoon, the 16th January 2017

Drakenstein Farm watch, were first responders to anothyer firefight starting around 14.00 hrs at the old pass road in the du touit kloof pass mountain ridge in Paarl. The heavy wind made helicopter operations impossible but the fire was relatively under control till 24.00 hr as it then jumped to the lower section and into the farming area. around 01.30 on the 17th the drakenstein farm watch called all field commanders and active members to the task and the teams with their commanders from “dal Josafat, Simondium, klein Drakenstein, Val de Vie, and wemmershoek” responded with their fire-trucks and resque teams. A joint radio-network and command centre was set-up and our controllers took the joint operation at hand.

The first priority was to get the local farmers and their staff ” farm-workers” out of the area and evacuation centre was set up at Calais Wine Farm. (This farm later, got hit the worst and is totally destroyed ). Hundreds of people were brought by our farm-watch resque teams to this spot, handed comfort and then handled by Paarl police. Our fire-trucks fought bravely to get the flames under control and only a miricle prevented many other dwellings to go up in smoke as well. The drakenstein Farm watch teams pulled back at around 13.00 on the 17th . Our farmwatch was assisted by various security companies, who all helped greatly to overcome gross loss of life. Thanks to especially ADT and Vestus Scola and Paarl police for a massive and well co-ordinated response together with our JOC (joint operations Centre).

The drakenstein Farm watch is fully privately funded, well organised and equipped with fire-trucks, skit-units and evacuation vehicles and runs its own 24/7 control-centre for general emergencies, medical issues and specializes in fire-fighting. For donations to help us fund our fire fighting and search and resque operations and animal evacuation efforts, we kindly ask the public to donate to the drakenstein Farm watch: Nedbank Current account

Nedbank Branch 102905
Account Number 1088514472


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