Comment of Calais Owners

Dear all,

Thank you for your compation, warm words, calls and sms. I couldnt respond to all of you right away as we were quite busy these days.

Me, Konstantin Fedotov, our animals and people are safe. It will take us some time to get to normal life.

I want to say THANK YOU:
To my dear friend Anna Green who was with us that night and help me a lot with packing and transferring animals.
Also Tessa Van Leeuwen Boomkamp, Katja Benskin, Michelle Mazurkiewicz for help with evacuation horses.
Thank you to my brave manager Tollie who was driving with his dogs in the car and fighting fires with our workers and volonteers.
And THE WHOLE TEAM of Drakenstein Farm Watch, who fought that fire and riscked their lives to save people and our house as many others.
To riot squad of Paarl Police for saving some of our possessions from burning house and chasing away media people.
Thank you to Leliefontain kennels to accommodate all my animals (except for the snake)))
To the Van Leeuwen Boomkamp family for sheltering us at their De Leeuwenhof Guest House.

We are VERY lucky to be surrounded with such a wonderful people, who already helped us a lot and continue offering their help, clothes, furniture, houses and money.

We are stable and fine at the moment, but if you want to help, please, rather donate money to Drakenstein Farm Watch organization. These people are volunteers, they are ordinary farmers, owners of the houses, hotels and wineries. They are running their businesses during the day and at night saving the world, us and those who need it the most.

Fire season just started and that means that they will have more battles ahead. These brave people constantly need proper masks as they go into the fire and burning houses, proper outfit, firetracktors equipment, dogs food for rescued dogs etc.

Please your NAME + DONATION as reference
Nedbank Branch code 102905
Nedbank account nr 1088514472

And for us its time to get a house of our dreams, which will be even better and stronger! Its going to be tough but interesting year.

Lots of love,
Anastasia and Konstantin

P.S See you 4 March at Omniberg Wine Festival at Calais Wine Estate, we are going to be there together with Druk-My-Nuit Wines who also burned down. We need your support and our workers need their jobs, so please, come.
We are not giving up!!!)))


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