To nurture a sense of unity, dedication and good neighbourly relations amoun the community in the area

To serve as a watchdog (eyes and ears) for the community, the security servie providers and the local police services, thereby assisting the local police service and security service providers to safeguard the community against criminal activities and strive for a safe and secure environment

To provide a channel through which the community can play a meaningful role in crime prevention


To create community awareness with regard to safety, crime prevention and protection of the community and their property.

To encourage the community to work in close co-operation with the South African Police Service, the security service providers and other structures such as loval authorities who are involved in law enforcement

To seek to unite the community in the area in creating a stable and crime free environment

The Drakenstein Farm Watch is a Rescue organisation which specializes in multiple different subsections.


As part of an on going strategy for the increasing of safety for residents in Klein Drakenstein Farm Watch area, Klein Drakenstein Farm Watch has entered into a partnership with ADT Security.