Getting Started




Becoming a Member of the Drakenstein Farm watch is not just a signed piece of paper, you become a members of a well organised team who work together as a family. The fact that you are already considdering being a member, is because you realise that the service providers that you have already signed up with will take longer than expected in a case of emergency. 

When signing up with the Drakenstein Farm watch you are programmed into the Radio network which means that you can communicate directly with all our Armed Response officers, our Control room which is manned 24 hours a day, and all our volunteers who are listening to their radios continuously. 

In most cases the Drakenstein Farm watch is first on scene, this is because we know the area, the roads and the landmarks for quick direction. 

As we are not service providers we encourage all members big or small, old or young to offer their participation as in any situation there are needs for more hands.

How to become a member.

  1. Download the Membership Document in the link at the bottom of this page
  2. Fill out this document and send this through to
  3. Make the annual payment and send proof of payment together with your membership
  4. Your ID particulars will be submitted to SAPS for clearance
  5. Your farm/household will be issued with a call sign & ID card
  6. Your call sign will be forwarded to our Radio frequency provider
  7. You can then, contact Our Radio provider and set up your channels

Click here for the Membership app Form

Once you are a member

As a member of a Farm watch, your only duty is to look out for your interests and those of your family and neighbours. You can do this by:

  1.  Availing yourself for services provided through the program.

  2. Remaining alert to the occurrence of any suspicious activity and reporting it promptly to the police, BLUE security and to the watch co-ordinator or Team Leader.

  3. Maintain a satisfactory standard of security at your own home

  4. Look after near neighbours’ homes or property during their absence, if requested to do so;

  5. Attend any general meetings of the watch.

  6. And finally, just being a good neighbour, the kind you would like to have living next door.

    Click here for the User Guide




We have an exciting new feature installed for all our members of the Drakenstein Farm-watch and their loved ones, which might save life’s as it makes the way of finding them so much easier.

We have met the developer of Mysos and he is active for the western Cape government to help them set up a provincial emergency warning system. Our farm-watch is the first one who implemented this system and we also have our own logo on the App, for our area.

Basically it is an App to be loaded for free on one’s cell-phone via 

Then the system lets one add 5 personal emergency addresses of direct family etc. and asks for personal details like your ID number.

For registration purposes, people have to send their cell-phone and name to our HQ at and we will then from our head office of the farm-watch activate the app with the Farm-watch logo and allocated button as such.

Then, when activated in an emergency, the control-room number 0860666662 is dialed (called ) and all details of the user and his actual position are send to our offices including a map and following route directions in google maps. So our emergency teams can respond direct and very fast and most important due to the huge area, whereby we also do not know where everybody resides, to the right spot.